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Are You Ready to Double Up on the Poker Excitement?

Texas hold’em is perhaps the most familiar poker game played nowadays, and it is undoubtedly the most famous game you will find at casino poker tables. Nevertheless, it is matched by the Omaha Hold’em variation, which is also very renowned among aggressive players. Omaha and Texas Hold’em have so much in common and there only slight changes in rules between the versions. However, these minor differences have a significant impact on how you approach the strategy of any game, as well as on your odds of winning a hand.

There are three clear-cut divisions of poker which many game alternatives fall into, and they are Hold’em, stud and draw games. Stud players get a hand of face down and face up cards, and they wager on the intensity of their hand against the rest of the players. Draw players can boost their hand by swapping one or more cards. Hold’em players utilise the cards they have and a set of shared public cards to develop the best hand. Omaha and Texas are the most commonly played editions of Hold’em game.

Regarding gambling action, the two games are mostly similar. There are four gambling streets, flop, per flop, river and turn. Additionally, the hand rankings of the two variants are entirely identical, and a Royal Flush is the best probable hand in both games. But what are the disparities between the two versions? And which of them is the best to play?

Omaha versus Hold’em

The Rules

The first difference between Texas poker and Omaha Hold’em is the number of hole cards distributed to every player before the flop. In Omaha Hold’em poker, every player receives four hole cards. But in Texas Hold’em every player is given two cards. This aspect means that it is significantly easier to make big hands in Omaha poker.

The other difference is that only two hole cards are used in Omaha. In both games, every poker hand contains five cards. These hands will be a grouping of community hands and hole cards. The way you use your hole cards to build the 5-card hand is different from Hold’em and Omaha poker. In Hold’em, you can use one, both or none of your cards to make a hand. In Omaha, you should always use precisely 2 of your four hole cards. For instance, if there are four hearts in Omaha, and you hold the Ace of Hearts, you only have a flush if you still have an extra card in Hearts. If the Ace of Hearts is solely the only hole card you have, then it is not possible to have a flush, regardless of the number of hearts that fall as community cards.

Building Hands

While the betting structure of Hold’em is favoured by many, most players love the fact that it is much easier to create big hands in Omaha poker strategy. It doesn’t involve a lot of complicated maths to ascertain that if you receive four cards rather than 2, that it will be easier to build straight and better hands. As a result of this, Omaha Hold’em tips generate lots of action.

The Gambling Structure

It is possible to play both Hold’em and Omaha with any betting arrangement you want, whether fixed-limit, no-limit or pot-limit. However, both games have a standard betting framework that’s often used. The ideal betting arrangement for Hold’em is no-limit, while the selected one for Omaha is usually pot-limit.

The betting structure is among the reasons why Hold’em is more preferred currently than Omaha; most players love the no-limit structure of Hold’em. You can find No-limit Omaha online games, but they are few and somehow far between.


Seeing that many players don’t utilise the entire range of likely betting sizings, for all purposes and intents, Omaha poker strategy is more sophisticated for a novice player. It is reasonably straightforward to understand how two cards relate with the flop in a Hold’em game, although a lot more engaged to see how the four cards interrelate.

Which One Should You Select?

Both Hold’em and Omaha are lovely casino games and knowing which one is best for you is not easy since it all depends on the preference of the player. If you want a sophisticated game, then Omaha poker is your best wager over Hold’em although if you are considering a higher standard of play, then you will only get that at Hold’em tables. So, there’s no wrong or right answer; both games are enjoyable to play, and it is possible to create a decent income from both.

Tips To Take You Further In Your Next Poker Tournament

Are you fed up of never getting beyond round one in online poker tournaments? Would you love to start seeing better, more positive results? Not for the money, but for the actual satisfaction of going a bit further?

You like online poker. But when you play a poker tournament online, you never seem to get too far. It must be frustrating, particularly if your record in live poker tournaments is pretty good. Perhaps you could do with some poker tournament tips to up your game. Make a few adjustments and your poker tournament strategy will turn around completely. Let’s get started.

Online Poker Tournaments vs. Live Poker Tournaments

Let’s take a look at the difference between online poker tournaments and live poker tournaments.

  • In online poker tournaments, the stress is on actual poker theory and method. In the live toker tournament set-up, it’s more psychological. Reading the other player’s body language, concealing your emotions, bluffing. Psychological factors may get us through in those intense, emotional live poker tournament moments, but for online poker tournaments, poker skill gets us through.
  • It’s easier to spot the weak players in live tournaments than in the online poker tournaments, which makes winning easier in the live tournaments and harder in the online tournaments.

Obviously, actual poker gaming skill is of optimal use in tackling online poker tournaments. They are obviously much more theoretical. So as poker tournament tips go, the best poker tournament strategy for playing online poker tournaments is to improve your skill considerably. This is something we now have to consider.

Poker Tournament Strategy

When you’re preparing a poker tournament strategy, be it for online or for live multi-table tournaments (MTTs), the very first priority must be to improve the poker skills. Live tournaments may be somewhat manipulated by psychological tactics, bluffing, eye contact etc. But when it comes to upping the online game, it’s sheer playing ability that counts. So how do you improve your poker game?

  • Visit as many poker websites as you can. The more websites you visit, the more knowledge you’ll pick up about the game. Study the different variants. See which sites are better for newbies and weaker players. Reading over the poker sites for a few minutes every day and trying to pick up whatever you can about the game will augment your skills considerably,
  • Read books and eBooks. Some of the poker sites give away free eBooks. There are many eBooks, some free and many reasonably priced, available on Amazon. If reading is not your thing, don’t worry too much. Most eBooks aren’t overly long and many are designed to be read in one sitting. Many of these poker eBooks are full of valuable tips and skills about the game. Some of the most skilled poker players share their life’s worth of experience in eBooks. You may glean some valuable information from their experience. Most eBooks can be read on your phone. So make it a point to pick up some good books or eBooks about the game and have a good read.
  • Watch YouTube videos. If reading is not your thing and even if it is, there’s a huge amount of videos on YouTube dedicated to the game of poker. You may like to watch and study live tournaments so you can study the various tactics used by players in various situations. There are also poker tutorials. By the time you’ve got through some of these, your knowledge will have automatically improved and your online poker game is bound to benefit from this extra knowledge.
  • Apply for coaching. Many professional poker players offer coaching to interested players. If you truly feel you need more than watching videos or reading eBooks by yourself, you might appreciate some one-on-one guidance from a professional player. One such player who offers this type of service is Fintan Hand of Easy With Aces. There are many more. So keep this in mind.

Poker Tournament Tips

The best poker tournament tips for any player trying to improve at online poker are as follows:

  • Follow the above suggestions for studying and improving your game. You’ll absorb lots of poker knowledge which will definitely benefit your game, both live and online.
  • Always play against players who are on your level. Never move out of your depth until you are ready.

Keep the above advice in mind and watch your online game improve in leaps and bounds.

Pineapple Poker Rules – Texas Hold’em With a Bonus Card

If you happen to be getting a little bored of the same old routine in hold’em poker games, try adding a tropical flavour with a hint of pineapple to mix things up. Confused? Don’t be, pineapple poker rules are really easy to get a grip on, especially if you already know the rules of other Texas hold’em poker games.

The biggest difference that all pineapple poker variants have over hold’em poker games is that you are dealt an extra card pre-flop for a total of three, instead of the classic two. When and how you can use this extra card will be discussed a little later when we look at the different pineapple poker rules. We will be assuming that you already know the rules for Texas Hold’em for this article, but if you don’t, you can find them in our other articles.

Just like with regular Texas hold’em poker games, pineapple hold’em poker variants can be played as limit, pot limit or as a no limit game. Normally no limit is the most popular version of the game, just like with Texas Hold’em, but the game type depends on where you are playing. High/low poker is also getting more popular with pineapple as it just adds in another difference that most players don’t see in regular hold ‘em poker games.

Depending on the variation that you’re playing, pineapple poker rules will vary wildly with what you are allowed to do with the extra card you’re dealt at the start of each hand. When it comes to making a strategy, you will need to know exactly what is going to happen with that bonus card so that you can hold your own against the other players you are seated with.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to build the best possible hand, which is what you do in every game, but in pineapple, it is even more important because the changes to the rules allow the average hand value to go up. This means that you might be folding on hands that you would normally play at times, and at other times risking a little more to make that flush you’ve been trying to get all night long.

Pineapple Poker Variations:

Now we are going to take a look at the four most popular pineapple poker variants, again we are assuming that you already know the basics of Texas Hold’em, so we will only be explaining the differences between the two games.

Simple Pineapple

As the name implies, this is the simplest version of the game, and the most like Texas Hold’em. The only difference between the two games is that each player is dealt a third card then they choose two to play with and discard before the flop is seen. Everything else plays out as a normal hand of Texas Hold’em.

Crazy Pineapple

Don’t let the name scare you off, the game isn’t too different from what you might be used to. Again, the players are dealt three cards, but this time they discard one of those cards after the flop and the hand is played out under regular hold’em rules. This is still very similar to Texas Hold’em and crazy pineapple is by far the most popular of the pineapple poker variants.

Lazy Pineapple

In this variant, also known as Tahoe, the players may keep all three of their dealt cards throughout the entire hand but are only allowed to use a maximum of two of those cards to make their final hand along with the community cards.

Super Hold’em

The superhero of all of the pineapple hold’em poker variants, super hold’em not only allows the players to keep all three of their cards, but they are allowed to make their hand however they want using them. They can use none of their dealt cards and go with the community hand, but only would if they were looking to split the pot. They can also use one, two, or all three of their cards plus the community cards to make the best hand. This version makes for some very interesting showdowns, as it is very hard to get a read on the other players hands.

How to Find, Play and Win at Free Poker Tournaments

As the name seems to suggest, poker freerolls are special poker games in which players participate without having to stake any real money. They are basically paying for free and will not incur any financial expenses no matter how badly they lose at the game. freerolls poker tips are usually organized in the form of free poker tournaments where multiple players get to compete against each other without having to risk any of their money.

Poker freerolls are not that new although many poker players and enthusiasts do not yet know about their existence or what they are about. In fact it would be accurate to state that poker freerolls have been available in most casinos right from the advent of online poker. The casinos have been using the free poker tournaments as a way of encouraging new poker players or those who have never played online poker before to sign up with them and start playing. The only reason why some people still shy away from the tournaments is because they do not fully understand what they are about and have been led to mistakenly believe that there are some hidden costs they might be asked to cover before, while or after they participate in the tournaments.

Reasons for Playing In Free Poker Tournaments

There are many reasons why poker enthusiasts choose to play in freeroll poker tournaments but the most convincing one is because it provides a risk free solution for increasing your gambling bankroll. freeroll poker strategy afford players with an opportunity to actually make money without having to risk any of their own. It’s basically what you would call a win scenario. When playing the game, if you lose you just lose and you have no further financial obligation. On the other hand, if you win then you get to take home the pot which you can then use to play at cash tables where the pot is even bigger. Of course they could rely on poker bonus offers too to increase their bankrolls but most bonuses usually require that players first make some deposit before they can qualify.

Another reason why people play poker in freeroll tournaments is so that they can refine their gambling skills. By playing free poker, you get the chance to try out new strategies and see how well they work. If they are successful then you can employ them when it comes to playing in actual tournaments while if they fail, well, you have nothing to lose. The tournaments also give experienced players a chance to test any new features that the casino adds and to familiarize with the features before they play for money.

Finally, the last category of poker freeroll players are players who just want to play for the love of the game. They are not really interested in winning the pot but they also do not want to lose money while playing either.

Poker Freeroll Tips For Beginners

The first of the poker freeroll tips that every new player has to know is that they must be prepared to accept losses. In every game or tournament that you play, there is always a chance that you might lose either because the other players are better at bluffing, or they have better hands or even simply because you have terrible hands. Either way, look at losses as opportunities to improve your game and aim to learn from each and every loss.

Secondly, do not be too zealous at the beginning of the game whenever you play in a free poker tournament. This is because any given free poker tournament will typically attract hundreds of players and majority of them will not even be playing to win. Such players are bound to be careless with their hands and will soon drop out as the game progresses. By following what they are doing, there is a good chance that you too are likely to end up the same way. So be economical with your hands at the start of the game and pay more attention to players who sit out as tournaments since they are probably players who signed up for the tournament but did not attend so beating their hands is like taking candy from a baby.